Accounting and Advisory

We arrive at our pricing based on Revenue/Sales.
Our accounting and advisory package is calculated at $100 per 100k in sales

Our Accounting and advisory services enable small businesses to grow with the financial analytics to support key strategic decisions. Our accounting & advisory services are all-inclusive and all bookkeeping, tax prep, and four quarterly meetings are included. Starting at just $300 a month your company will delegate all financial needs taking much-needed time and stress off your shoulders! In addition to this, you will be provided with all applicable financial statements monthly to grow your business, maximize tax savings, and build an increasingly efficient company!

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Find A Good Accountant

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Our Accounting services and reputation speak for themselves!
We guarantee you will be more than happy with your choice with findagoodaccountant!


Our bookkeeping service provides you with accurate to the date reports that enable you to best strategize your business growth. Starting at $50 per month the services provided will ensure you are maximizing your tax deductions.

CFO Services

Our CFO services are exactly what a growing business needs to position their company to scale! Starting at just $500 a month findagoodaccount will manage CFO duties including tracking cash flow and financial planning. We will also analyze the company’s financial strengths and weaknesses and propose corrective actions.


Tax Preparation

Our tax preparation services guarantee maximum deductions possible because we spend the time necessary educating you on expenses you can write off. Starting at just $350 we know we will save you more money than you ever thought possible! 

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Our Testimonials

If you are tired of paying too much of your hard earned cash to the IRS then you need to call Jorden with I have had 4 different accountants in the past 5 years for my business and Jorden by far exceeded my expectations in terms of customer service and attention to detail. Jorden has gone above and beyond to make sure that we are prepared in advance of tax season. Jorden was able to save me $12,000 in taxes in comparison to what I paid last year. He did this by making sure that I received every deduction that I am entitled by the irs and state. Big thank you to Jorden for working so very hard for me! I couldn’t recommend him higher.

Andrew B

Find A Good Accountant was nothing short of a miracle worker. In 2018 with another accountant I paid $12,285 in taxes from my tax returns and upon transferring to Find A Good Accountant I was prepared for another year of horrible news. I was reassured that I would not owe that much but was very skeptical. When Find A Good Accountant filed my return they got me a refund of 4,556 dollars. I was nothing short of shocked! That is a $16,841 dollar swing. I am so grateful for Find A Good Accountant fixing the mistakes that my previous accountant made and could not recommend them any higher!

Matt M

We had Jorden prepare our taxes for us and we were extremely satisfied. This was our first year filing for our business and he made the process very simple. He guided us through the entire process and answered all of our questions. We are confident that our taxes were done correctly and that he helped us maximize all of our deductions. We would strongly recommend Jorden for all your accounting needs.

Josh D

Highly recommend Jorden and the Find A Good Accountant staff. Not only did they save me a lot of money compared to previous returns with other accountants, but their CFO and bookkeeping services have increased my cash flow and increased my profit margin which allowed me to hire another employee. Jorden doesn't just crunch numbers. He took the time to learn my business, learn my dreams and vision, and guided me based upon that. Would give more than 5 stars if I could!

Kim B

I can't thank you enough for the great work you did on my past due taxes, 2017-2018. Filing taxes can be incredible stressful, especially when they are late and you anticipate the worse possible scenario. However, you made the process stress free, easy and convenient. Not only are you diligent and resourceful, you are very knowledgeable in your expertise. I was very impressed with your work ethic, attention to detail and more importantly, I still got a refund! Thank you again! I highly recommended you to my friends and fam

Brenda B

2020 is off to a rough start for many; myself included. When tax season rolls around, usually people are happy for that bit of relief, but this year I wasn’t sure if I could even afford to file my taxes. Thankfully I found Jorden Chryss at Find A Good Accountant and he filed my taxes without a dime until I actually had a few dimes to rub together in my account. What a blessing! I was so relieved that his company was so gracious and understanding through this Coronavirus pandemic, that has left so many people, like myself, struggling. Not only that but I received my return in my account in 7 days. One week! Wow. Quickest tax return turnaround I’ve seen yet! Usually I’m calling the guy who did my taxes a month later wonder when I’ll see my money! Last year I received less than $1000 back from my 2018 return. This year I not only received my return in 7 days, but it was tripled (over $3100) what I received the prior year! I could literally rave about Find A Good Accountant all day! I don’t usually write reviews but I just had to share my experience and give praise where it’s due. Thank you Jorden Chryss and Find A Good Accountant! I’m very grateful and beyond blessed to have found your services and look forward to doing business with you again next year!

Elias L